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Tim Warnock - Safe Arrivals Project

Fri 22 Jan - Thu 18 Feb

LAUNCH: 6pm, Friday 22 January

The 36 photographs in this exhibition are a selection of images documenting the safe arrival of babies at Cairns Private Hospital. They celebrate a 30-year collaboration between Dr Tom Wright (Consultant Obstetrician) and Dr Tim Warnock (Consultant Paediatrician).

Most of the images are taken on smart phones owned by the expectant parents that Dr Warnock “borrows” to document a unique time in a new baby’s life. The photographs capture the moment of delivery and initial meeting with the new parents at elective and emergency caesarean section.

There are many stories depicted that the families would cherish forever and use to impress upon their children what an amazing adventure being a family is, as the newborns grow and develop.

Accompanying the exhibition is a photobook, Safe Arrivals Portfolio which includes 93 images, some of which are taken by Dr Warnock’s “photographic assistants” during the time the baby is on the resuscitaire being stabilized.

Safe Arrivals Project would not be possible without the permission and cooperation of the families, our medical colleagues, wonderful midwives, theatre staff and CPH administration. The exhibition is not a sign of Tom and Tim’s imminent retirement. Their collaboration continues as our population grows.

LAUNCH: 6pm Friday 22 January

VENUE: Tank 4 COST: Free

OPEN: 9.00am – 4.30pm weekdays, 10am – 2.00pm weekends.

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