Nano Stern | World Music (Chile)

Fri 22 Nov

A master at his own musical language, Nano Stern has created a sound that blends his youthful expression of the folk music of Chile with his dedication to the traditional and indigenous music of Latin America and Classical training.

Stern is an accomplished musician, playing a range of instruments from Spanish guitars and violin to the Andean and Nordic flutes. His musical virtuosity, mesmerising and charismatic live performances and his passionate and poetic advocacy for social justice result in a true and honest universal message, delivered with intense energy and a high level of musicality, dwelling deeply into tradition whilst being contemporary with the passion of youth.

Audiences can expect an immersive experience and a close connection that Stern is known for with every performance. There is a rare power and beauty to a Nano Stern performance. He best describes his musical ethic as being “able to vibrate strongly,” and in turn, the audience resonates. “We can put aside words, and genre, and tradition. In the end, it is all about a movement of air that makes our bodies move. It’s the most mysterious thing.”

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  • Cost: $40 / $35 (CONC) inc b/fee
  • Doors: 6:30pm
  • Show starts: 7:30pm
  • Venue: Tank 5 - fully seated
  • Support: John Butagig
  • Food: Flavours of India
  • Rating: PG
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