World Music

Tanks World Music series brings global sounds direct to our doorstep. This deeply diverse category is difficult to define but easily identified by our ears! Encompassing many different styles of music, it can be described as a combination of traditional meets popular.

Electronic meets traditional when Turkish born DJ & Producer, Mercan Dede, kicks off the series in March, bringing with him his Secret Trio and Whirling Dervish dancing. Get set for heart-breaking harmonies, adrenalized jigs and stomps when those cheeky lads The East Pointers (Ireland) have you two-stepping with a smile on your face.

Sabor Y Control describes themselves as a Peruvian salsa dura orchestra, on a mission to rescue the roots of their genre, establishing a sound and lyrical identity all their own on the way. The series closes with an icon of Sudanese music, Ajak Kwai, with her inspiring and soulful music infused with funky-afro-beats.

World Music 2017